Internet Packages

Economy Broadband 640Kbps/128Kbps – $19.95
Our most affordable plan. Designed for customers who wish to gradually enter the high-speed world from dial-up.

Economy Plus Broadband 1.5Mbps/384Kbps – $29.95
Great for browsing the Internet, checking your email and such. Not recommended for gaming or watching live streaming video.
*You can try the 1.5 meg for live streaming video such as youtube or Netflix, but you may be disappointed in the picture quality. You may experience buffering as well. You will probably be able to receive about a 720p picture with some compression and buffering or pixelixation.*

Standard Broadband 6 up to 20Mbps/768Kbps – $44.95
Watching live streaming video in 1080p or HD is available with this package. For best picture quality we would recommend streaming to a single device. Multiple devices can be used with this package.

Poweruser Broadband 30Mbps/3Mbps – $54.95
Get speeds up to 30Mbps. Even better for online gaming, businesses or families with multiple devices.

Extreme Broadband 50Mbps/6Mbps – $69.95
Our fastest speed available. Get speeds up to 50Mbps. Perfect for online gaming and stream worry free to all your devices.

Triple Play

    • Basic and Standard Cable Packages
    • 6-20meg/1.0 Internet OR 30Meg/3meg OR 50Meg/6Meg
    • Digital Phone

**Triple Play also available with our 30Mbps and 50Mbps Internet packages**

$118 plus fees & taxes for 3 months then price goes to $128 plus fees & taxes

***Basic Cable is a minimum requirement for service