High Speed Internet

With Southern VT Cable High-Speed online, there is no use for the telephone whatsoever. Thus no more busy signals, no more telephone bill charges, no more dial-up! Cable broadband is always on, so you can enjoy your favorite web content at blazing fast speeds anytime. And with our networking options, you can connect more than 1 PC in your home and all surf the web at the same time. Once you discover what high-speed has to offer, you’ll never go back to dial-up again. We offer 3 unique speed packages to suit your needs, and your budget. Basic Cable Package is a required to order Internet.

When you order one of our high-speed Internet packages you get:

  • Professional Cable Installation
  • External Cable Modem
  • Configuration of Your PC or Network
  • Up to 5 Email Addresses
  • Newsgroup Access
  • 10MB Web Space Access
  • Local Technical Support

Economy Broadband 640Kb/128Kb – $19.95
Our most affordable plan. Designed for customers who wish to gradually enter the high-speed world from dial-up.

Standard Broadband 1.5Mb/384Kb – $29.95
Our most popular plan. If you love to surf the web, listen to streaming music or watch live video, then this is the service for you.

Power user Broadband 4Mb/768Kb – $44.95
Our fastest plan. Great for online gamers, businesses or families with many PC’s, this plan will have everyone online FAST.

*Installation charge $55.00 includes modem

Still not sure which plan is for you? Choose our Standard package. You may change your speed at anytime simply by calling our office at (800) 544-5931.

Please Note: Basic cable required for internet service